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Everyday Fundraising

Everyday Fundraising

Shopping Opportunities

Benefit Logo

Benefit (Digital Gift Cards) – This Opportunity is SUPER EXCITING AND EASY

How About Digital Gift Cards?

Download the Benefit Mobile App onto your phone!

Benefit is a digital gift card platform that funds the things that matter most through everyday retailer and

restaurant transactions (Starbucks, iTunes, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, etc).

Cards are purchased and delivered within seconds to the mobile app for immediate in-store redemption.

Each purchase earns up to a 20% rebate that is sent to Montevideo. Here is how:

  1. Go to or the app store on your phone to get the FREE App
  2. Select Montevideo Elementary School as your cause to help.
  3. Set up your account so that you can instantly purchase and redeem your gift cards that give back.


E Scrip Logo


This is another easy and no cost way to raise funds for Montevideo. After you’ve signed up, earning is as

simple as just shopping at thousands of escrip merchants online.

Simply visit and register grocery club card, debit/ATM and credit cards.



Amazon Smile Logo


Are you an Amazon Prime Shopper? Adjust your URL to, select the Montevideo

Elementary PTA and a portion of each purchase will be awarded to Montevideo. Please make sure you

select the correct Montevideo (there are a few other Montevideo schools out there)



Sports Basement Window

Sports Basement

Sports Basement has a program called Basementeer and all you need to do is register to get the benefits

listed below. This partnership is not limited to Montevideo families. Please share this with your friends and

families as well. Also, once you register, you will get the benefits when you shop at any Sports Basement

and online.


Become a Basementeer! Sports Basement, is spinning the traditional “loyalty” program into a win-win for

their loyal customers and our community.


Basementeer’s receive 10% and give 10%:

  • 10% off every item every day
  • 10% of profits back to Montevideo Elementary School Education Foundation
  • Please watch this one-minute video to get the idea


Sign up is simple and fast: Just click this Sports Basement Link!



Mighty Nest Logo

Mighty Nest

This is an internet shopping fundraiser where you can go to find healthy, mindful living first. You can shop

at your convenience for healthy everyday items with 15% of your purchase going to Montevideo

Elementary (once you register).

Looking for a fun monthly subscription? Go to Mighty Nest to sign up for their inexpensive monthly program,

MightyFix. With this subscription, you will receive a simple product every month that encourages a healthier,

greener lifestyle. Each product through the subscription costs only $10 including shipping) and is discounted

30%! Subscribers can also add any other healthy product from our store and get FREE shipping, encouraging

healthy living.


Visit Mighty Nest to register Montevideo and start shopping.



Office Max Logo

Office Depot / Office Max

Give 5% back to Montevideo! If you buy anything for school, work or your home office, please provide our 

school ID, #70014681, at checkout and Montevideo will receive 5% back in credits for FREE supplies! It's

a small act that can make a huge difference.


Worth Ranch Logo

Worth Ranch

Whether you are looking for a nice dinner with the family or a night away from the kids, consider going to

Worth Ranch. Just mention Montevideo Elementary School and 10% of your entire bill will be donated to

the school. If you don’t know, Worth Ranch is the first of Chef Rodney’s restaurants dedicated to his favorite

style of cuisine-BBQ. He has been working for many years to perfect his rubs and slow cooked process for the

variety of meats offered on his menu. From brisket, to ribs to tri-tip, Worth Ranch is Chef’s take on what he

calls “California BBQ.” Because Worth has sampled BBQ from across the country, from Memphis to the Carolinas,

from Austin to Kansas City, and everywhere in between, he thought it important for his menu to reflect his

diverse tastes. And because his passion for fine food is a priority, don’t be surprised to see some interesting

takes on tried and true favorites!



eScrip is a fantastic resource for fundraising where participating business partners contribute a percentage of your grocery loyalty cards (like Safeway), credit cards, and debit/ATM card purchases to Montevideo. Simply visit www.escrip.comand register Safeway club card, debit/ATM, and credit cards. It's easy and secure, and once you've signed up, a percentage of EVERY purchase is donated to Montevideo.

Shop through the eScrip on-line mall link and merchants donate up to 16% of your purchases to our school.

Parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors can register their cards with eScrip anywhere in the United States and our school benefits.  If you are already registered, please be sure to add and update your debit/credit cards to ensure maximum donations.

Registration is available online. Click here to register your Safeway Club Card. Enter Group Name (Montevideo Elementary School) or ID (137684257). Enter your name, address, phone, email address and Safeway Club Card Number. You can also register your debit/credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please contact Christine Gray, eScrip coordinator.


What is eScrip?


eScrip rewards customer loyalty by donating a percentage of purchases made by participating families.  Parents, teachers, friends and families are encouraged to register their grocery club cards, and credit/debit cards as supporters. A percentage of all purchases made at eScrip merchants will be given to Montevideo.


How does eScrip work?


Participating merchants contribute each time your families make a purchase using their registered cards.  There are no receipts to collect, no vouchers or certificates to buy, no hassles for you and every purchase counts.


Does eScrip affect my Club Card Savings, airline miles or reward points?


Absolutely not!  eScrip is separate from the credit card and loyalty programs.  Merchants donate a portion of your purchases to the school through the eScrip program.  eScrip takes a small processing fee.


What if I can't find my Safeway Club Card?


Please call 1-877-723-3929. It only takes a minute!


What cards can I register?


Grocery loyalty cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and debit/ATM cards.


Is my information secure with eScrip?


eScrip has contracted with a national processor who provides state-of-the-art technology for administration of the eScrip program. ESI's process involves flagging these card numbers for program use. The participating retailers provide the processor with the purchase information so a donation amount can be applied. ESI's systems have met the strict requirements of the participating merchants in the area of security, safety and confidentiality. For additional information read our privacy policy.


 What about privacy and security of my personal information? 


ESI places a tremendous value on the relationships it has with eScrip program participants across the country. Safeguarding personal information is one of our highest commitments. ESI will not license, sell, exchange or distribute any specific information about its eScrip participants to any third parties who are not directly involved in the eScrip program. By participating in the eScrip program, you are authorizing ESI to use information relating to your registered card transactions for the limited purposes of processing rebates to your designated organization and providing cumulative reports to your organization. No purchase details are given to ESI for the eScrip program.


How can I help increase donations to Montevideo Elementary?


Register your debit/credit cards to ensure contributions for purchases made at the 3000+ participating merchants, sign-up relatives and friends even if they live across the country for Montevideo (group 137684257), do your on-line shopping through the eScrip mall link (donations up to 16% at no additional cost to you), dine at participating eScrip Dining program restaurants and complete survey for additional contributions (donations up to 5%)


Does it matter how I pay for my groceries?


No, use the payment option most convenient for you.


What if I do not shop at Safeway?


If you do not shop at Safeway, there are thousands of merchants who donate money through eScrip. Some of these eScrip merchants are Big O Tires, Draeger's Market, Lunardi's, and San Francisco Chronicle. It's easy, costs you nothing and is safe to register your credit cards.


What is the impact of our participation?


Montevideo has been participating in the eScrip program for several years. eScrip contributed almost $3,000.00 last calendar year.


 How do I check or update my eScrip information?


If you would like to check your purchases, go to CHECK MY ESCRIP INFO, and enter your phone number, email address or Safeway Club Card number. You can also go to and click on Members/Support.


Can I support more than one organization with my eScrip registration?


Yes, the donation can be split up to three ways. You can easily select up to 3 groups during your initial online registration or go to My eScrip to update your account information online.


How do I change the organization I wish to support?


Go to My eScrip to update your account information online or send an email to


What if I have other questions or want to register other users?


Contact the eScrip coordinator, Christine Gray